Sample Credit Report Dispute Letter 1

Debt validation is one of the biggest tools available for removing negative items from your credit report. It is not uncommon for old debts to be bought and sold between multiple debt collection agencies. These agencies do not always update their listings with the credit bureaus, leaving you with multiple negative items on your account.

Debt validation is a simple way to confirm that a company owns the debt that they claim you owe, and that they have proof that you owe it. Without this proof, they cannot legally collect on any debt and must remove the negative listing from your credit report.

Use this letter to request a thorough validation from any creditor claiming that you owe them money.

[Your Name]
[Your Street Address]
[City, State, ZIP CODE]


[Name of Creditor]
[Creditor Address]
[City, State, ZIP CODE]

RE: Account Number [xxxxxxx] (omit the last few numbers of the account, as shown in your credit report)

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is in reference to the account listed above which your company has placed on my credit report on [date]. This communications hereby serves as a notice that your entry on my credit file is disputed. Please note that this is not a refusal to pay, as I do not admit that I owe this debt.

I am requesting a full validation of the above listed debt to include the following:

  • Full name and address of current creditor
  • Full name and address of the original creditor (if different from above)
  • Full account number on file for alleged debt
  • Full name and address of alleged debtor
  • Terms of assignment for the above referenced account (submit copies of original documentation)
  • Written confirmation of any insurance claims made by any creditor or assignee regarding this account (or denial of the same)
  • Written confirmation of any tax deduction or other tax relief and conjunction with the alleged balance on this account
  • Copies of any signed documentation indicating my financial responsibility for the account listed above

Please note that this debt cannot be considered validated without full documentation of all items listed in this notice. If such records are not available, then this debt is not verifiable underneath current consumer credit reporting and debt collection laws.

All unverified debts must be removed from my credit files pursuant to the laws established in the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Additionally all collection activities must cease per the requirements of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Any continued collection activity or erroneous submissions to the credit bureaus will be dealt with under current consumer protection laws. Also please note that any violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act or the Fair Credit Reporting Act will be documented for the purpose of pursuing legal relief.

If I do not hear from you within fifteen (15) business days from your receipt of this letter, I will assume that you are unable to verify the debt listed above. Likewise, your failure to respond will be considered an absolute waiver of any and all claims against me with regards to the account listed above.

Please send all corroborating documentation to the following address:

[Your Name]
[Your Street Address]
[City, State, ZIP CODE]


[Your Name] (printed or typed, do not provide a signature)