ARS National

Who is ARS National?

Have you received a letter or phone call from ARS National? Have they threatened you with a lawsuit? If so, you are not alone. ARS National collections is collection agency for some of the top banks in the world like Chase and Citibank. They have been known to get really nasty on the phone with alleged debtors.

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How Should You Deal With ARS National?

Collection agencies have different names, but for the most part use the same methods to collect debts. Here are a few things you should know about collection agencies: They make money when they collect money, their information is not always correct or accurate, they will go to great lengths to find who they are looking for, there are rules that they have to follow, and they can be flexible and may be willing to work with you to settle your debt or work out a payment plan.

Don’t Trust – Verify!

When you are dealing with a collection agency, it is always wise to make them verify the debt actually does belong to you before you pay them. You can do this by asking for a debt validation letter. In addition, try to get them to make some sort of concession to you before you pay them. Remember, they want your money. You can ask them if you can pay a lower amount, start a payment plan, or you can even ask them to remove any negative items they have reported to credit reporting agencies before you will agree to pay them. It is important to always get any agreements you make with them in writing.

Complaints made against ARS National

ARS National attempts to collect on debts that are not owed to them. Many people have complained about being called when they owed no money. Even after individuals say they do not owe on the debt, ARS National will continue to call them. ARS National will call third parties trying to find who they are looking for. They will call neighbors, ex-spouses, family members, co-workers, or anyone else they can find in order to find who they are looking for. They should already have the contact info of the person they are looking for, so there should be no need to call others. In addition, this can be a source of unnecessary embarrassment for the people they are trying to collect from. ARS National representatives have refused to pass on their contact information to consumers who want to send them a cease and desist letter. Sometimes a cease and desist letter is the only way to get collection agencies to stop calling, so they try to prevent consumers from using a valuable tool.

How To Contact ARS National


PO Box 469046

Escondido, CA 92046

Telephone: 1-800-707-1927

Bad Credit Happens to Good People

At the beginning of the recession, I was hit pretty hard. I lost my job when my company went under. My bills began to pile up and before long I couldn’t pay my minimum monthly payments on my credit cards and other items. After a while, I had maxed out my credit cards and the accounts were sent to collection agencies like ARS National Services. The collection agencies made my life very difficult. I constantly received harassing phone calls asking me for payments and threatening to damage my credit. I couldn’t pay all of the bills I had, so I finally decided to go bankrupt. Bankruptcy helped with the collection agencies, but it did lasting damage to my credit.

A Credit Repair Lifeline

Due to my low credit score, it was impossible for me to get a loan. I couldn’t buy a house, or a new car. I couldn’t even go on family vacations. Finally a friend noticed my struggles and told me to try Lexington Law Firm. He said they had helped him and he thought they could help me too. It sounded too good to be true at first, but I finally consented to call Lexington Law ((800) 220-0084). When I called I was greeted by the nicest lady who really knew what she was talking about. She gave me some helpful advice and I decided to sign up with them. After I signed up, within a month I could see the difference, as negative items were starting to be taken off of my credit report. Lexington Law worked tirelessly to get the negative items removed from my credit report so that I could go back to having a normal life and get funding for the things I needed.

It has been a few years since I first called Lexington Law, but if I had it to do over again, I would do the same thing. They really helped me out and I’m grateful for the work they did on my behalf. (See below.)

Collections Removed from My Credit Report:

Collections removed from my credit report

My credit scores have increased dramatically since there are no longer any negative accounts on my credit report. Here is a snap shot of my credit scores since I signed up with Lexington Law:

My Credit Scores

Client Testimonials:

“Your company is AWESOME! Because of the hard work you did on my behalf, my credit is now much better. So much better, in fact, that I just purchased a home on 2/3 acre with waterfront on a year ’round creek that has trout and salmon in it! Thank you again for the wonderful job you did. I’ve recommended you many times to my friends.”

Phillip, Lexington client

“I went through a bankruptcy and my score went way down into the 500’s. My wife and I planned to buy a house, so with the help of Lexington Law my score went up in just 8 months to 688! I got an excellent rate, new house, and praise big time for your services. Thanks a ton!”

David & Dana, Lexington clients

You can read hundreds of client testimonials and even watch some very inspirational client video testimonials here.

I know how difficult life can be with bad credit. I’m here to let people know that there really is an alternative. If you’re sick of having bad credit, let the professionals at Lexington Law Firm take care of it for you. They can delete all kinds of negative items from your credit reports, including: bankruptcies, foreclosures, repossessions, charge offs, judgments, tax liens, collections, and more.